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?The INC IR-100 Gamma Ray Camera
The INC IR-100 Gamma Ray Camera


Key Benefits

    • The IR-100 is a type B device it can be transported without an overpack. A welded stainless steel case houses a depleted uranium shield with an integral titanium “S” tube. The uranium shield is supported and enclosed in polyurethane foam for thermal, mechanical and oxidation protection. An automatic positive locking safety latch plate ensures that the device automatically locks when the source assembly is driven back into the lock box after the exposure. The device is a certified type B package, and has the following certificates:? U.S.N.R.C, U.S.D.O.T. and I.A.E.A. USA/9157/B(U)-96, ??Canada? CDN/E94
    • The INC IR-100 is used with Iridium-192 sources up to maximum activity of 120 Ci (4440 GBq) for the radiography of steel, copper and brass in the thickness range of .5 to 3 inches.
    • The use of depleted uranium for shielding results in a significant reduction in both weight and size. The device weighs only 53 lbs. (24.1 kg).?Stainless steel construction, together with all-metal handle and low center of gravity, make the device suitable for use under rugged field conditions.
    • There are two types of control assembles available. The pistol grip control consists of a lightweight cable housing attached to a hand-crank to push the source to the exposure position and return back to the device. The reel type control consists of a lightweight welded tubular stainless steel reel containing the drive gear assembly.
    • Source guide tubes are flexible stainless steel tubes with a protective polyvinyl covering and come in 7 ft. lengths up to 21 ft.

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