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Gamma Radiation Monitors Model-P   arrow

The INC Model-P is a radiation area monitor designed to alert personnel to radiation exceeding selected levels. This alarm system provides indication of radiation levels at areas such as transportation? docks, storage sites, nuclear medicine facilities, laboratories, industrial centers and radiography installations.Description
When the radiation intensity exceeds a pre-set level, the green light goes out and the red light and buzzer begin to flash at a one second rate. The alarm is pre-set to trip at 2 mR/hr (user-adjustable). Both the high voltage supply for the Geiger tube as well as the low voltage power supply employs voltage regulation for maximum stability.

The sensitivity adjustment is the control mounted on the printed circuit board (screwdriver adjust). Turning this control CW increases the sensitivity. DISCONNECT POWER BEFORE REMOVING COVER OR ADJUSTMENT.

Wall Mount
Remove the cover and screw the hardware into the wall through the large mounting holes at each end of the box.

Spare Lamps
Two spare lamps and a spare fuse are located inside the alarm box.


  • External lights: up to 500 WATTS*
  • Fuse: 3AG (5 amps)
  • Alarm trip adjustment range: 2-35 mR/hr
  • Line voltage range: 105-125 Volts AC
  • Temperature range: 20-110 F
  • Response time: (at 20 mR/hr.) .3 second
  • Recovery time: 5 seconds
  • No-signal power consumption: 5 watts

* for incandescent bulbs, motors, buzzers, bells, mechanical indicators, etc. Connection for these external lights is at the bottom of the alarm box.

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